Compile Timestamp – Timestamp your SWFs!

Version 1.2, Updated ?
  • Compatibility: ActionScript 2.0 / ActionScript 3.0
  • File Size: About -Kb
  • Change Log

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Compile Timstamp is a Flash extension that adds a new layer to your fla with a trace of the filename and compile timestamp. Used with FlashBug, this allows you to easily check the version of your online swf. This was created because the servers we used at work often cached our files on multiple servers. So it was difficult to tell which version we were actually looking at.


#### index.fla - 01/17/2008 11:46:39am


Change Log

CompileTimestamp 1.2 for Flash 8/9

CompileTimestamp 1.1 for Flash 8/9

CompileTimestamp 1.0 for Flash 8/9

Compile Timestamp by Gabriel Mariani