Interfacepublic interface DocumentCSS extends DocumentStyle
Implementors Document

Introduced in: DOM 2 Core 

This interface represents a document with a CSS view.

The getOverrideStyle method provides a mechanism through which a DOM author could effect immediate change to the style of an element without modifying the explicitly linked style sheets of a document or the inline style of elements in the style sheets. This style sheet comes after the author style sheet in the cascade algorithm and is called override style sheet. The override style sheet takes precedence over author style sheets. An "!important" declaration still takes precedence over a normal declaration. Override, author, and user style sheets all may contain "!important" declarations. User "!important" rules take precedence over both override and author "!important" rules, and override "!important" rules take precedence over author "!important" rules.

The expectation is that an instance of the DocumentCSS interface can be obtained by using binding-specific casting methods on an instance of the Document interface.

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W3C - DOM Level 2 Style: DocumentCSS

Public Properties
 PropertyDefined By
 InheritedCSSOM lastStyleSheetSet : DOMString
[read-only] This attribute must initially have the value null.
 InheritedCSSOM preferredStyleSheetSet : DOMString
[read-only] This attribute must be the preferred style sheet set as set by the author.
 InheritedCSSOM selectedStyleSheetSet : DOMString
This attribute indicates which style sheet set is in use.
 InheritedDOM 2 Style styleSheets : StyleSheetList
[read-only] A list containing all the style sheets explicitly linked into or embedded in a document.
 InheritedCSSOM styleSheetSets : DOMStringList
[read-only] This must be a live list of the currently available style sheet sets.
Public Methods
 MethodDefined By
Invoking this method must change the disabled attribute on each StyleSheet object with a title in the styleSheets attribute, so that all those whose title matches the name argument are enabled, and all others are disabled.
This method is used to retrieve the override style declaration for a specified element and a specified pseudo-element.
Method Detail
DOM 2 Style getOverrideStyle()method
public function getOverrideStyle(elt:Element, pseudoElt:DOMString):CSSStyleDeclaration

Introduced in: DOM 2 Core 

This method is used to retrieve the override style declaration for a specified element and a specified pseudo-element.


elt:Element — The element whose style is to be modified. This parameter cannot be null.
pseudoElt:DOMString — The pseudo-element or null if none.

CSSStyleDeclaration — The override style declaration.

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