Overview of the Document Object Model Reference


The Document Object Model Reference is a reference manual for the application programming interfaces (APIs) for HTML, CSS and some JavaScript.

I'm originally a Flash Developer and I built this reference becuase I wanted to delve into HTML and JavaScript. Only then did I realize there wasn't a single location that had everything. I was jumping between MSDN, Quirksmode, MDC, and W3C constantly. So when there isn't a resource available, I decided to make one myself. Please enjoy it and hopefully you'll find it as helpful as I do.

Throughout the documentation you may see small labels which denote what specification that property or method was made available. Where possible, this is indicated by the small labels next to their names: DOM 2

Compatibility Key

This reference also makes use of Quirksmode's compatibility rating system.

Yes Supported completely and correctly
Almost Supported completely and correctly except for a minor issue
Incomplete Supported correctly but not completely
Alternative Supported in an alternative way
Untestable Depends on another method or property that is not supported
Minimal Just barely supported but unusable in practice
Incorrect Returns incorrect object or value and becomes badly usable
Buggy Does something it should not do
No Not supported
Crash Crashes browser


To create this manual, I've referenced compiled information from numerous sites. Below are links to the sites referenced.


This manual covers numerous specifications and attempts to bring it all into a usable interface. Below are the specifications addressed in this reference manual. For convenience here is a link to all W3C DOM Specifications.