Flashbug - An extension for Firebug


Version 1.8.5, Updated February, 2012
  • Compatibility: Firebug 1.7 (Firefox 4/5) Firebug 1.8 (Firefox 4/5/6/7/8/9) Firebug 1.9 (Firefox 9/10/11)
  • File Size: About 950Kb
  • Change Log

What's New


Flashbug 1.8 has finally been released and to be honest it was a bit late to the show. It now supports Firebug 1.8 and adds a whole bunch of new features. There is also a new experimental panel called the 'Flash Inspector'. Many of you might recognize this feature from FlashFirebug. I added this feature in because so many of you were having trouble using both add-ons and they were interfering with each other. Finally I've overhauled the preferences window to display EVERY single option to configure the mm.cfg file!


Trace Log

Policy Log

Flash Console (Trace/Policy) Panel

This will display any traces from any .SWFs running currently (in Firefox or outside of Firefox). You can search using the search box in Firebug to highlight any matches. The Flash Console can display XML/JSON as pretty print (with proper formatting and color) with the @@XML@@ or @@JSON@@ command respectively. Or if it's just a single long line of XML it will automatically display it as pretty print. If you want to see the logs directly you can open either the Trace or Policy log directly from Flashbug. For any urls that appear in the traces, you can right-click on them to open them in a new tab. - @@JSON@@ : Formats it into 'pretty' JSON with coloring - @@XML@@ : Formats it into 'pretty' XML with coloring - @@HTML@@ : Same as XML - @@INFO@@ : Displays a blue information icon to the left - @@WARNING@@ : Background is a teal with an warning icon to the left - @@ERROR@@ : Background is a light red with an error icon to the left Like FlashTracer, it is required to have the Flash Player Debugger installed or you will not see any traces. Flashbug will tell you the version of Player detected on your system. If you do not have the Debug version, it will give you a link to download it.

Flash Inspector Panel *NEW*

This adds similar functionality as you would find in FlashFireBug. It’s still a bit experimental so please use it with care and report any bugs you run into. The panel allows you to right click on anything in a SWF and inspect it’s properties in real time. Or you can use the inspect button from the toolbar and inspect the SWF just like HTML. You can then edit any properties in the right pane of an item within the SWF in real time.

SWF Decompiler Panel

Flash Decompiler Panel *NEW*

The Details (SWF) Tab has been removed and now has it's own panel called the 'Flash Decompiler' panel. This new panel will display any SWFs or SPLs detected in a page and list them on the right. Expanding a SWF will begin decompiling the SWF and display any assets found within. Just click on any item inside to see the details on the left pane. If the item is exportable a button will be displayed to export. In addition, font glyphs are now displayed so you can identify fonts easier. Morph shapes now animate (if possible via SVG) to give you and idea of what it's supposed to look like in action. The panel can also display any embedded sounds, and play WAV files from inside Firefox (Firefox doesn't support playing MP3s).

Shared Objects Panel

Shared Object Panel

The Shared Object Panel displays any shared objects related to the site being viewed. This works by listening to all the SWFs that are loaded for the page then chekcs based on the domain for any shared objects saved on your computer. Each row will list a Shared Object found, which you can expand to see the data stored within, open the file directly or copy the path to the file.



The AMF Tab lives in the Net Panel and is part of a AMF request that is displayed. If you visit a site that relies on remoting for data transfer, you can inspect the AMF request and response being sent back and forth. To view this, go to the row in the Net Panel that is AMF data and expand it. Clicking either the Request or Response tab will display the corresponding data in an easy to read format familiar to Firebug users.

General Pref

Advanced Pref

Preferences *UPDATED*

THis allows you to view the location of the different log files, and the mm.cfg in case you need to find it. In the advanced panel you can also configure EVERY KNOWN option (even undocumented ones) within the mm.cfg file.


Flasbug by Gabriel Mariani