XPathEvaluator DOM 3 XPath  The evaluation of XPath expressions is provided by XPathEvaluator.
 XPathException DOM 3 XPath  A new exception has been created for exceptions specific to these XPath interfaces.
 XPathExpression DOM 3 XPath  The XPathExpression interface represents a parsed and resolved XPath expression.
 XPathNSResolver DOM 3 XPath  The XPathNSResolver interface permit prefix strings in the expression to be properly bound to namespaceURI strings.
 XPathExceptionCode DOM 3 XPath  An integer indicating the type of error generated.
 XPathNamespace DOM 3 XPath  The XPathNamespace interface is returned by XPathResult interfaces to represent the XPath namespace node type that DOM lacks.
 XPathResult DOM 3 XPath  The XPathResult interface represents the result of the evaluation of an XPath 1.0 expression within the context of a particular node.