CharacterDataEditVAL DOM 3 Validation  When validating CharacterData nodes, the NodeEditVAL.nodeValidity operation must find the nearest parent node in order to do this; if no parent node is found, VAL_UNKNOWN is returned.
 DocumentEditVAL DOM 3 Validation  An object implementing this interface must also implement the Document interface.
 ElementEditVAL DOM 3 Validation  This interface also has attributes that are a NameList of elements or attributes which can appear in the specified context.
 ExceptionVAL DOM 3 Validation  Some Validation operations may throw an ExceptionVAL as described in their descriptions.
 NodeEditVAL DOM 3 Validation  This interface is similar to the DOM Level 3 Core Node interface, with methods for guided document editing.
 ContentTypeVAL   Content type constants stored in ElementEditVAL.
 ExceptionVALCode DOM 3 Validation  An integer indicating the type of error generated.
 ValidationState   Validation state constants stored in NodeEditVAL.
 ValidationType   Validation type constants stored in NodeEditVAL.