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handle(operation:Number, key:dom.core.types:DOMString, data:Object, src:dom.core:Node, dst:dom.core:Node) — method, class dom.core.UserDataHandler
This method is called whenever the node for which this handler is registered is imported or cloned.
handleError(error:dom.core:DOMError) — method, interface dom.core.DOMErrorHandler
This method is called on the error handler when an error occurs.
handleEvent(evt:dom.events:Event) — method, interface dom.events.EventListener
This method is called whenever an event occurs of the event type for which the EventListener interface was registered.
hasAttribute(name:dom.core.types:DOMString) — method, class dom.core.Element
DOM Level 2 | NS\FireFox Determines whether an attribute with the specified name exists.
hasAttributeNS(nameSpace:dom.core.types:DOMString, name:dom.core.types:DOMString) — method, class dom.core.Element
Returns a boolean value indicating whether the current element has the specified attribute.
hasAttributes() — method, class dom.core.Node
Returns a boolean value of true or false, indicating if the current element has any attributes or not.
hasChildNodes() — method, class dom.core.Node
Returns a value that indicates whether the object has children.
hasFeature(feature:dom.core.types:DOMString, version:dom.core.types:DOMString) — method, interface dom.core.DOMImplementation
Test if the DOM implementation implements a specific feature and version, as specified in DOM Features.
hasFocus() — method, class dom.html.HTMLDocument
The hasFocus method returns true if the focus is currently located anywhere inside the specified document.
hash — Property, class dom.objects.Location
The part of the URL that follows the # symbol, including the # symbol.
headers — Property, class dom.html.HTMLTableCellElement
List of id attribute values for header cells.
height — Property, interface cssom.view.Screen
Returns the height of the screen in pixels.
height — Property, interface cssom.view.TextRectangle
height — Property, class dom.html.HTMLAppletElement
Override height.
height — Property, class dom.html.HTMLDocument
Returns the height of the body element of the current document.
height — Property, class dom.html.HTMLIFrameElement
Frame height.
height — Property, class dom.html.HTMLImageElement
Modified in DOM Level 2 The height of the image in pixels.
height — Property, class dom.html.HTMLObjectElement
Override height.
height — Property, class dom.html.HTMLTableCellElement
Cell height.
height — Property, interface dom.style.css.CSS2Properties
HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR — Constant Static Property, class dom.core.ExceptionCode
If any Node is inserted somewhere it doesn't belong.
history — Property, class dom.Window
DOM Level 0 Returns a reference to the History object, which provides an interface for manipulating the browser session history (pages visited in the tab or frame that the current page is loaded in).
History — class, package dom.objects
Contains information about the URLs visited by the client.
home() — method, class dom.Window
DOM Level 0 Returns the window to the home page.
HORIZONTAL_AXIS — Constant Static Property, class gecko.events.MouseEvent
Unknown value
host — Property, class dom.objects.Location
The host name (without the port number or square brackets).
host — Property, class gecko.nsIURI
The host is the Internet domain name to which this URI refers.
hostname — Property, class dom.objects.Location
This attribute represents the name or IP address of the network location without any port number.
hostPort — Property, class gecko.nsIURI
The "host : port" part of the URI (or simply the host, if port is -1).
href — Property, class dom.html.HTMLAnchorElement
The absolute URI of the linked resource.
href — Property, class dom.html.HTMLAreaElement
The URI of the linked resource.
href — Property, class dom.html.HTMLBaseElement
The base URI [IETF RFC 2396].
href — Property, class dom.html.HTMLLinkElement
The URI of the linked resource.
href — Property, class dom.objects.Location
Sets or retrieves the entire URL as a string.
href — Property, class dom.style.css.CSSImportRule
The location of the style sheet to be imported.
href — Property, class dom.style.stylesheets.StyleSheet
If the style sheet is a linked style sheet, the value of its attribute is its location.
hreflang — Property, class dom.html.HTMLAnchorElement
Language code of the linked resource.
hreflang — Property, class dom.html.HTMLLinkElement
Language code of the linked resource.
hspace — Property, class dom.html.HTMLAppletElement
Modified in DOM Level 2 Horizontal space, in pixels, to the left and right of this image, applet, or object.
hspace — Property, class dom.html.HTMLImageElement
Modified in DOM Level 2 Horizontal space to the left and right of this image in pixels.
hspace — Property, class dom.html.HTMLObjectElement
Horizontal space, in pixels, to the left and right of this image, applet, or object.
HTMLAnchorElement — class, package dom.html
The anchor element.
HTMLAppletElement — class, package dom.html
An embedded Java applet.
HTMLAreaElement — class, package dom.html
Client-side image map area definition.
HTMLBaseElement — class, package dom.html
Document base URI [IETF RFC 2396].
HTMLBaseFontElement — class, package dom.html
Base font.
HTMLBodyElement — class, package dom.html
The HTML document body.
HTMLBRElement — class, package dom.html
Force a line break.
HTMLButtonElement — class, package dom.html
Push button.
HTMLCollection — class, package dom.html.objects
An HTMLCollection is a list of nodes.
HTMLDirectoryElement — class, package dom.html
Directory list.
HTMLDivElement — class, package dom.html
Generic block container.
HTMLDListElement — class, package dom.html
Definition list.
HTMLDocument — class, package dom.html
An HTMLDocument is the root of the HTML hierarchy and holds the entire content.
HTMLElement — class, package dom.html
All HTML element interfaces derive from this class.
HTMLFieldSetElement — class, package dom.html
Organizes form controls into logical groups.
HTMLFontElement — class, package dom.html
Local change to font.
htmlFor — Property, class dom.html.HTMLLabelElement
This attribute links this label with another form control by id attribute.
htmlFor — Property, class dom.html.HTMLScriptElement
Reserved for future use.
HTMLFormElement — class, package dom.html
The FORM element encompasses behavior similar to a collection and an element.
HTMLFrameElement — class, package dom.html
Create a frame.
HTMLFrameSetElement — class, package dom.html
Create a grid of frames.
HTMLHeadElement — class, package dom.html
Document head information.
HTMLHeadingElement — class, package dom.html
For the H1 to H6 elements.
HTMLHRElement — class, package dom.html
Create a horizontal rule.
HTMLHtmlElement — class, package dom.html
Root of an HTML document.
HTMLIFrameElement — class, package dom.html
Inline subwindows.
HTMLImageElement — class, package dom.html
Embedded image.
HTMLInputElement — class, package dom.html
Form control.
HTMLIsIndexElement — class, package dom.html
This element is used for single-line text input.
HTMLLabelElement — class, package dom.html
Form field label text.
HTMLLegendElement — class, package dom.html
Provides a caption for a FIELDSET grouping.
HTMLLIElement — class, package dom.html
List item.
HTMLLinkElement — class, package dom.html
The LINK element specifies a link to an external resource, and defines this document's relationship to that resource (or vice versa).
HTMLMapElement — class, package dom.html
Client-side image map.
HTMLMenuElement — class, package dom.html
Menu list.
HTMLMetaElement — class, package dom.html
This contains generic meta-information about the document.
HTMLModElement — class, package dom.html
Notice of modification to part of a document.
HTMLObjectElement — class, package dom.html
Generic embedded object.
HTMLOListElement — class, package dom.html
Ordered list.
HTMLOptGroupElement — class, package dom.html
Group options together in logical subdivisions.
HTMLOptionElement — class, package dom.html
A selectable choice.
HTMLOptionsCollection — class, package dom.html.objects
An HTMLOptionsCollection is a list of nodes representing HTML option element.
HTMLParagraphElement — class, package dom.html
HTMLParamElement — class, package dom.html
Parameters fed to the OBJECT element.
HTMLPreElement — class, package dom.html
Preformatted text.
HTMLQuoteElement — class, package dom.html
For the Q and BLOCKQUOTE elements.
HTMLScriptElement — class, package dom.html
Script statements.
HTMLSelectElement — class, package dom.html
The select element allows the selection of an option.
HTMLStyleElement — class, package dom.html
Style information.
HTMLTableCaptionElement — class, package dom.html
Table caption.
HTMLTableCellElement — class, package dom.html
The object used to represent the TH and TD elements.
HTMLTableColElement — class, package dom.html
Regroups the COL and COLGROUP elements.
HTMLTableElement — class, package dom.html
The createand deletemethods on the table allow authors to construct and modify tables.
HTMLTableRowElement — class, package dom.html
A row in a table.
HTMLTableSectionElement — class, package dom.html
The THEAD, TFOOT, and TBODY elements.
HTMLTextAreaElement — class, package dom.html
Multi-line text field.
HTMLTitleElement — class, package dom.html
The document title.
HTMLUListElement — class, package dom.html
Unordered list.
httpEquiv — Property, class dom.html.HTMLMetaElement
HTTP response header name [IETF RFC 2616].
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